Best 3G GPS Tracker Devices


The best 3G GPS tracker devices that could help you locate loved ones and prized possessions right from your own smart phone..

What is Trackimo?

Trackimo® is an intelligent, GPS-GSM tiny device allowing you to find and track your precious things, see exactly where they are, automatically alerting when sensing distress signals. We are a U.S. based IoT (Internet of Things) solution provider with proprietary technology enabling worldwide connectivity for M2M (Machine to Machine) devices. Trackimo aspire to transform business models through the development of customizable radio frequency mobile technology solutions that are easy to implement and are user friendly, used globally with enhance security and reliability.


The Trackimo continuously scans for GPS signals and only needs to detect four GPS satellites to determine its location. It needs to be within the coverage area of a cell tower to transmit its location to you. This limitation is hardly limiting – there’s hardly any area nowadays, that is not covered by a cell tower. From the cellular network, the location data will then be sent to your online account via the Trackimo server.

If the Trackimo fails to secure a GPS signal, it will attempt to piggyback into any WiFi signal that it detects. This isn’t very accurate since the tracker will be sending the location of the WiFi transmitter. Still, this is a “better than nothing” approach that might still end up useful.

If even a WiFi signal is unavailable, the Trackimo will instead triangulate its location using the signals it receives from the nearest cell towers. This can be very inaccurate and can have an error of up to a mile.

More than a GPS tracker for your drone

One of the biggest benefits of the Trackimo is that it’s not just designed for tracking your drone. You can probably come up with a lot of useful applications for the Trackimo – you can put it inside your check-in luggage, attach it to your car using magnets, tether it to your pet’s collar, or clip it into your bag that contains your expensive gear.

If you have a young kid, the Trackimo is an excellent little safety device. The left and right keys on the face of the Trackimo can be used to send custom messages to your mobile device, just in case your kid needs to get in touch with you. When worse comes to worst, your kid can press the SOS button to send a distress signal to your phone or to local law enforcement.

Great quality for consumer-grade GPS tracker

Safety and peace of mind is not expensive; it’s priceless.

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